What is “Mutual Discipleship”?

Paul encouraged churches to develop relationships among the younger and older, husbands and wives, and parents and children that cultivated discipleship to Jesus. Here are some suggestions for discussing your life in Christ.



  • What are you hearing from the Lord about as you pursue him (Scripture, community, prayer, etc)?
  • What “good” things have you made “primary” by pursuing them above God and life with him?
  • How is Jesus becoming your central joy and love? Are you resisting him in some way?
  • How are you growing in being God’s beloved?



  • How are you encouraging people in your church community towards life with God and loving others?
  • How are you seeing your life in terms of the Story of God (Creation, Rebellion, Rescue, Restoration)?
  • How are your challenges in your life conflicts between kingdoms of this world and the God’s Kingdom? (Remember your “kingdom” too.)



  • How are you being stirred to redemptive love in your relationships? Consider the the contexts of Family, Neighbors Co-Workers, Enemies, etc.
  • Who do you know that needs God? How can you demonstrate and proclaim His love to them?
  • How is God’s character and wisdom compelling and helping you to spread his Kingdom in your spheres?


As you meet with one another you may find that there are seasons where special assistance from the community is needed (1 Thess. 4:14-22):

  • If there is some ongoing laziness or resistance towards Jesus that needs to be confronted.
  • If there is some situational challenge or hurdle for which extra encouragement is needed.
  • If there is a chronic weakness, addiction, or habit that needs some gifted and ongoing support.