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A Church Family Network

A relational network of simple churches. Our churches meet in homes and storefronts

A Relational Network of Simple Churches

We seek to honor God with spontaneous church families of prayerful love.

Just as families need communities for friendship, encouragement, and support, we believe churches need each other. Together we seek to faithfully grow in knowing God, loving others, and practicing hospitality.

We also help equip and care for those beyond our church families through Gospel Training.

Church Families

Our churches meet in homes and storefronts

Kaleo Church DSM

Des Moines, IA


Sundays @ 10am in W. Des Moines

Vancouver Church Family

Vancouver, WA


Sundays @ 3:30pm in Salmon Creek

Campbell Church Family

Campbell, CA


Sundays @ 10am in W. Campbell


Gospel Training

Equipping the church in all it’s forms

Mutual Discipleship

A six-week guided cohort in “mutual discipleship” as the most basic relationship of communities of faith and the multiplication of the gospel.

Gospel Teams

A monthly virtual gathering to learn the simple rhythms of listening to people’s hearts, listening to God’s heart, and prayer-driven mission.


Content for equipping a relational network of simple churches