A Church Family Network

If you are concerned about getting food or supplies during COVID-19, please let us know.  We would be happy to deliver them to your porch.

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South Bay Area, CA

Our sincerest apologies. Due to high demand, we have paused submissions. We hope to return soon.

Vancouver, WA

A Relational Network of Simple Churches

We seek to help people follow JESUS, as his FAMILY, with HOSPITALITY for all people.
Just as believers gather in local communities of faith for fellowship, growth and encouragement, we believe churches proclaim the fullness of God’s goodness and wisdom by covenantally equipping, encouraging, and modeling for one another faithfulness to life with God.


We are excited to be partnering with the SEND Network and the North American Mission Board with our new church family in Vancouver, WA and the dream of a future hub of simple churches in the Pacific Northwest.

We also help equip and care for those beyond our church families through Gospel Training and Presently.

Church Families

Our churches meet in homes and storefronts

  • Grant Street

    Campbell, CA
  • Blossom Valley

    San Jose, CA
  • West Campbell

    Campbell, CA

Planned Generosity

General Giving

Special Giving


Mutual Discipleship Cohorts

Church of 2 (or more)

Join a 5 week online cohort to cultivate discipleship relationships, family worship, or church families. You’ll learn about the “nearly daily” practices of listening to your heart, listening to God, and praying for gospel opportunities. Each session is accompanied by a guide to introduce biblical principles and simple practices that you will reflect on and practice in 60 minute online gatherings.